This SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation- is intended to acquire local banks or savings & loans and to turn them into an international business banking network, based on a major information technology platform managing an ultracrypted communication with mobile phones. The purpose is to make a true international business bank.

The Future of Banking

Our purpose at Bank SPAC is to create an International Business Banking Network. This will be done by acquiring local banks, or savings and loans, and turning them into a large international business banking network. This global network will be located on a robust IT platform, accessible through mobile devices for users. UltraCrypt encryption will assure security and safety during communication with the platform.

Mergers and Acquisitions assist in growing the network swiftly and smoothly. As the number of banks in the network grow, so does the ease of adding more banks and units to the mix. The end result is a chain of globally linked banks with the purpose of smooth customer facilitation.

A True International Business Bank

What sets Bank SPAC apart from other International banks is the drive to help businesses grow with ease and convenience at any stage in their growth cycle.

There is an enormity of hurdles businesses have to go to through when going global with regards to banking. For simple tasks such as buying and selling, they have to find the same bank and open new accounts in operating countries. These barriers inhibit business growth. Bank SPAC understands this hurdle. As a client, your business will operate beyond multiple borders without having to resort to such hassles.

International markets have become fast and reliable over time. At times, conventional banking cannot keep up with its pace. The combined knowledge of industry experts and Information Technology at Bank SPAC focus on bridging this gap so that business operation remains primary, and business banking, a supportive feature.

International Services for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a small firm or a large one, Bank SPAC will ensure a cooperative response to assist in your growth. The same principle applies to startups or mature firms. The entire premise rests on providing a wide range of services for Entrepreneurs with convenience; after all, time is money.

With the incorporation of their information technology platform, Bank SPAC makes your physical location irrelevant as an International business owner.

Its Bank Internationalisation ideology combined with an encrypted communication system also assures safety beyond borders. A conventional physical system, on the contrary, would have been slower and prone to security breaches.

Explore through the pages on this site to learn more about Bank SPAC and why it is an obvious choice for Entrepreneurs in the banking sector.

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