There are a lot of banks around, mainly private or commercial banks. However there is no bank with a business let alone entrepreneurial spirit, whatever their advertising campaigns say.

The credit in blank is long dead and when one asks for a loan, what one gets is pawning at one third of the pledged asset. Nowadays most “banks” are actually wealth management operations for their own account, using the client’s funds to grow their volume of operations.

We want to make a TRUE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS BANK with all services for the Entrepreneur, the startup the development stage, the growth stage and the institutional company.

It will guarantee any answer for credit or mortgage within 3 business days.


The world is now global. Entrepreneurs and companies need to find the same bank in every country they go to or grow. Network Marketing Companies and startups should not suffer to open a global account or when going international.


To establish the first Entrepreneurial & Global Business Bank with all services including wires and payments, trade finance, letters of credit and blocked funds, trading in securities, virtual and physical commodities, cryptos, tokens, currencies, forex, real estate construction loans and mortgages.


Honesty at the cost of hurting or being politically incorrect.
Efficiency at the price of taking additional risks or to be deceived.
Speed at the risk of neglecting propriety.
Courage to show loyalty to our clients in their dark hours.